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ISO 3864 Labels

ISO 3864 - Products by Category

Hazard Signs
Mandatory Action Signs
Prohibition Signs

ISO 3864 - Safety Colours and Safety Signs Information

The International Standards Organization (ISO) is responsible for publishing the international standard ISO 3864 - Safety Colours and Safety Signs. The standard defines the design criteria for international safety signs. Contained in the standard are three sign formats pertaining to equipment manufacturers:

Warning Signs - Identify the Hazard
Electric Shock Hazard

Mandatory Action Signs - Communicates an action to be taken to avoid the hazard.
Wear Protective Gloves

Prohibition Symbols - Define Prohibitive Actions
No Pacemakers

Predominately used internationally, the graphic-only approach communicates the safety label’s message quickly and without the use of words.  This is the preferred format in the European community due to the concentration of diverse languages.