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Hazard Signs

These ISO Hazard warning labels are formatted to the ISO 3864 standard The graphic only approach communicates the safety label's message quickly and without the use of words. This is the preferred format in the European community due to the concentration of diverse languages. The yellow triangle label identifies a potential hazard.

The labels are constructed with high quality 3M Polyester base w/ 3M Polyester Overlaminate, the materials are UL Recognized and CSA Approved, Rated from -40F to 300F.
  • Entanglement Hazard (hand in gears) warning labels 8006
    Entanglement Hazard (hand in gears)
  • Lifting Hazard, Heavy Object warning labels 8008
    Lifting Hazard, Heavy Object
  • Pinch Point (hand in rollers) warning labels 8011
    Pinch Point (hand in rollers)
  • Entanglement Hazard (chain drive) warning labels 8012
    Entanglement Hazard (chain drive)
  • Entanglement Hazard (belt drive) warning labels 8014
    Entanglement Hazard (belt drive)
  • Crush Hazard - Closing Mold warning labels 8016
    Crush Hazard - Closing Mold
  • Non-Ionizing Radiation Radio Frequency warning labels 8018
    Non-Ionizing Radiation Radio Frequency
  • Radioactive Material, Radiation Hazard warning labels 8034
    Radioactive Material, Radiation Hazard
  • Equipment Starts Automatically warning labels 8035
    Equipment Starts Automatically
  • Harmful Irritant Material warning labels 8036
    Harmful Irritant Material
  • Hand Entanglement - Rotating warning labels 8054
    Hand Entanglement - Rotating